We can change the bias on your old wide drawing set to that of a modern model...contact us for details

The current bowls test done on a table is fake as it has a major flaw, without Part B wobble test it does not read and validate the "on-green bias" of un-balanced or dual-sole sole models using the WRB Test Bowl. We brought this matter and sand wear issues to the attention of World Bowls some years ago and again now. see our latest full report to WB

However the test table is a very useful tool for checking set grouping and we still perform all aspects of re-bias , re-polish etc of sets used on sand filled synthetics etc even though our test table is currently unregistered. We cannot do the final part of engraving the new date stamp and issuing a certificate.  So few players want to have their set officially tested it has become un-economic to keep the table registered yearly with World Bowls.

Testing over past 8 years shows approx 60% not legal for play under the Rules mainly due to playing on sand topped synthetic grass first introduced in the early 80's and although administrators knew of the significant wear factors, testing was stopped at this time. [ Bowls are to have a bias not less than the Working Reference Bowl and group on a table within 100mm/4" circle see other details below.] Many of the sets we see have quite noticeable bias changes, many going wider than when new and some with huge variation within the 4 bowls.

We remain certificated bowls testers but sets requiring an official WB stamp will have to be sent to Australia as our table is un-registered, we regret any inconvenience caused. 

Below is a WB Test certificate indicating the criteria checked. In addition a set of bowls must be "a set of 4 bowls" of the same make, model, serial number, colour and emblem marking & painted colours. 

Typical sand damaged set