Outstanding new technology to get the most consistent performing bowls. see our new Striker and Epic models below.
Now 4 models that will allow you to fine-tune your game. NZ has a wide range of greens speeds and we have the right bowl for your style of game on the green type and speed you play

If you bring in your new Drakes Pride set we will check it free within the first 5 years.  For full explanation on various bowl types, behaviour and playability pls see Tech page, a must-read if you've purchased bowls recently and found them inconsistent or ever wondered what governs the accuracy and consistency of various bowl models and how to tell what type of bowl you have.  Bowl-Tech.html
All sets are test table checked and matched to the models master bowl prior to shipping.

How to order: you can email Kevin or Russ at bowls@bowlsdirect.co.nz or better still, ph 07 548 0330 or SKYPE: bowls.direct so we can discuss the style of game you play, model currently used, and green speed to accurately gauge the best model for your game. Shipping $10 NZ wide. ADD $5 for RD/Rural Mail Delivery.

Watch our tech videos on bowl types to understand what differences there are and how to make a wise choice in your bowls purchase.
These videos can also be viewed by clicking on the youtube button on the bottom right corner or in full screen mode.
  Video No1 left shows the difference between balanced sole Professional and un-balanced sole type bowls Dreamline and Impact. Green demo showing reversal of table read is at the end. Explains why narrow models have been allowed to have a legal bias stamp even though on the green, as shown, they take much less bias than the Test Bowl /WRB and do not comply with Rule 8.2.1 [ fully explained on the tech-issues and bowl-tech page. ]

Video 2 explains what un-balanced sole actually is and why these types of bowls, with extreme bias subtraction happening only as they run down the green, play so erratically due to small variables in delivery or green conditions and grass types. These highly un-balanced sole design models are engineered to show bias on the test table but much less on the green. The inherent design flaw affects all models that go more than10-15% narrower than the WRB/Test Bowl which takes 1.75mtrs of draw on a green of 16.5-17 seconds. They display very erratic line and turn-in and will not play on a wide variety of green types in NZ. Approx 10 models sold here in past 9 years fall into this category.

Video 3 explains what Drakes Pride designed for us in NZ to give bowlers flatter entry, consistent track and turn-in and also to play the weighted shot with ease. These are the first and only balanced sole bowls to have the flatter angle at the head with the best bowl-tech engineering available.


see other colours at:

Model: EPIC

    NEW for 2016 EPIC is our narrowest bowl specifically designed for competition play on faster greens and is the second model made using our revolutionary lathe          program. The Epic displays the best consistency of any model available in comparitive green width

                                                                                        available in size 4H 3H colour     $750


STRIKER SF...our NO 1 competition model

NEW for 2016 Striker-SF an update to our best selling Corsair, tighter with straighter finish using our all new high tech lathe program to cut a bowl profile that has 
 superior consistent green holding qualities for faster outdoor greens in NZ. Striker model won gold for England at WB Champs Chch 2016

Available in colour only: size 1H 2H 3H 4H 5H     $750.00


  model:  CORSAIR ...our NO 1 seller

Newly designed bowl specifically for New Zealand with earlier break point than our traditional models. Based on the Professional model with a re-designed modified balanced arc sole shape to attain the flatter finish. Has an earlier break point and continues in quite a straight line before coming into the head on a long gradual arc that stays constant.

A model that combines the requirements of the competition player looking for an array of shots and especially the weighted shot that will hold its curve-line all the way into the head and succeed on a variety of NZ greens.  The aiming point is roughly at the rink marker peg on the edge of rink and is designed for greens 16-18 seconds.

in stock...  colour 1H-4H  $690

Model:  DELTA

New model for NZ with same banana draw as the Excel,  with slightly flatter entry from the modified balanced arc sole and is ideal for those players wanting a narrower modern version of the very popular Drakes Pride Special/Ultra. Has softer entry to the jack and goes a little narrower than the Ultra or Professional.  Is a very stable bowl in all conditions and is highly recommended for players of all abilities and will suit medium speed greens. Ideal for Players wanting the universal playabilitly of the Special/Ultra model but want to take just a little less green and less turn at the jack. If your game is based around draw and run shots this model along with the Corsair is a perfect choice.  This model is designed the same as the Corsair to do the same thing, but on the slower greens 14-16.5 seconds.

Available sizes  0000H 000H 00H 0H 1H 2H 3H  $690


To help bowling clubs in their new bowlers program we have available sets in black or coloured with WB stamp.  These are engraved with club name or logo on one side, please email us for prices.

New law yellow jacks 65.8mm 410 gm $56

Bowlers Check List.

Factors that govern which model will play well for you.

Style of game, do you like the traditional draw game and like to "take a bit of green"?

Where do you play and on what surfaces?  Many NZ clubs have at least 1 sand-filled astro green.
Some bowl models will not play well on an this type of surface, but will play very well on high quality grass greens.

Do you play a lot of competition bowls? To cover all the green speeds and types it is necessary to have 2 sets. If you like
the narrow models then have a wider draw set for the surfaces of lesser quality or windy places. You may just want to stop
your good set being ruined by sand and have another set to play on occasions. We can renovate your older set at low cost.

Delivery skill is more important with the narrow running bowl models. Unintentional wobble at delivery does not affect the balanced sole 
type bowls very much but does affect the narrower running models. Consistency is the basis of good bowling.

Point to remember is that bowls are only "reading" the green and acting accordingly. Sometimes a wider draw set will go very narrow especially on a heavy or wet green and a narrower running model can sometimes have a lot more turn at the finish on a fast green. You may also experience a much wider draw on the forehand than normal and almost no draw on the backhand. All this may change coming from the other direction.
Various playing surfaces can have your bowls doing something different to normal when they are heavy.