Bowls Direct tandem wheel lawn bowls trolley bag, navy or black, 2-tier design with 2 internal lift-out bags for the 4 bowls. Divider in bottom section is removable allowing the bag to become normal luggage bag. Fits airline carry-on $145 + freight
440 H x 345W x 225 D

Top Line:
Rinklock 11ft string $40- colour white, maroon, sky blue.

Drakelock 10ft steel, colours: yellow-black-green-blue $38

15ft string peg measure-$10

Bottom Line:
Supalock 9 ft string measure $35 
colours:  navy-red-green-aqua-maroon.  [ pink out of stock ]

[ postage NZ wide $5 on all measures ]
$70 2 tier carry bag, bowls in divider bottom [ out of stock ]

Long palm - shaft 515 mm  overall 715mm             4-Bowl Carrier 4 colours, $20 postage $5

Med. Palm - shaft 445mm  overall 650 mm

Short palm - shaft 385mm  overall 590m.
Bowling Arm
3 sizes, palm release model only stocked.
short 23"  suits height 5' 6" and below
med 25"  for 5'6" - 5Ft 11"
long 28"  6Ft +

$275 plus freight.

Towel $10
Polishing Cloth $10 out of stock

lawn bowls jacks White $29   X.heavy yellow  $55
Crack-A-Jack $10
chalk spray $10 singles or box of 20..lilac or white
Bowls sheen $15
[most items can be sent by post $5]

Leather accessory pouch for measure and spray chalk $25

  Black/White non-slip mats 610x358 wt 1130gms $29 +freight

Umpire wedges B6003 set of 4 $12+postage.

Umpire wedges B6002 set of 2-$10+postage

   Umpires Kit $325+freight.

30mtr fibre tape
11ft string & 9ft string measure
15ft peg string
set square with bubble level
magnifying glass
steel 6" calipers
rubber wedges
steel feeler gauge
lollipop scorers
kneeling pad
chalk spray

folding walking stick with green protector ferrule $65+freight     * Get-a Grip wax cloth...never drop a bowl again $15 * GADD auto retract 30m tape $140
Lawn Bowls Measure Fix Video

Ocassionally a bowls measure will need to have either the spring wound up a little to take up slack in the line or
fix a tangle on the inside that prevents full retraction...this video shows how.